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Title: Magnetic Materials
Description: Supplier and manufacturer of magnetic materials and products for home and industry use. Popular fridge magnets for home decoration and business promotion. Ferrite, alnico, ndfeb and smco magnets of powder, disk or block shape can also be found here.
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Novel approach to magnetic measurements atom-by-atom
Having the possibility to measure magnetic properties of materials at atomic precision is one of the important goals of today's experimental physics. Such measurement technique would give engineers and physicists an ultimate handle over magnetic properties of nano-structures for future applications. Researchers now propose a new method, utilizing properties of the quantum world – the phase of ...
Research and Markets: Magnetic Materials Market For Automotive, Electronics, Energy Generation and Other Applications ...
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Magnetic Materials Market For Automotive, Electronics, Energy G
New discovery could pave the way for spin-based computing
Magnetic states at oxide interfaces controlled by electricity. Top image show magnetic state with -3 volts applied, and bottom image shows nonmagnetic state with 0 volts applied.
Novel oxide-based magnetism follows electrical commands
New discovery could pave the way for spin-based computing
New discovery could pave way for spin-based computing: Novel oxide-based magnetism follows electrical commands
Electricity and magnetism rule our digital world. Semiconductors process electrical information, while magnetic materials enable long-term data storage. A research team has now discovered a way to fuse these two distinct properties in a single material, paving the way for new ultrahigh density storage and computing architectures.
Defying physics, engineers prove a magnetic field for light
In electronics, changing the path of electrons and manipulating how they flow is as easy as applying a magnetic field.
How certain nanoscale crystal defects can dramatically intensify ferromagnetism
Magnetic materials are fundamental to many technologies, from data storage to next-generation spintronic devices. However, as integrated circuits become increasingly miniaturized and the sizes of magnetic components approach nanoscale dimensions, magnetic properties can disappear. Yasukazu Murakami and colleagues from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science and Tohoku University in Japan ...
Lasers could make hard drives faster, simpler and higher density
( —Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have discovered that for a wide range of ferromagnetic materials the direction of magnetization can be completely controlled by polarized light without the need for magnetic fields, a finding that could significantly affect the data memory and storage industries that produce hard disks and magnetic random access memories. Their ...
New family of materials for energy-efficient information storage and processing
Switching the polarity of a magnet using an electric field (magnetoelectric memory [MEM] effect), can be a working principle of the next-generation technology for information processing and storage. Multiferroic materials are promising candidates for the MEM effect, due to the coexistence of electric and magnetic orders.
New complex oxides could advance memory devices
The quest for the ultimate memory device for computing may have just taken an encouraging step forward. Researchers at The City College of New York led by chemist Stephen O'Brien have discovered new complex oxides that exhibit both magnetic and ferroelectric properties.