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Title: Magnetic Materials
Description: Supplier and manufacturer of magnetic materials and products for home and industry use. Popular fridge magnets for home decoration and business promotion. Ferrite, alnico, ndfeb and smco magnets of powder, disk or block shape can also be found here.
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Magnetic Receptive Dry-Erase, Chalkboard, Bamboo Print Media by Visual Magnetics Win ADEX Platinum, Gold Awards
Three magnetic receptive print substrates from Visual Magnetics' MagnaMedia® product line, VM-DRYerase™, VM-CHALKboard™ and VM-Bamboo™17, have won Awards for Design Excellence . The ADEX awards are the ...
Study shows high-energy magnetic interactions alone don't cause high-temperature superconductivity
( —A new theory and computer simulation by SLAC and Stanford researchers show that high-energy magnetic interactions are not the sole factor in making copper oxide materials perfect electrical conductors – superconductors – at relatively high temperatures.
Materials interfaces pave way to solar cell gains
 Scientists have used Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron's bright research light sources to improve their understanding of the interface of two materials which may translate to higher performance solar cells, novel superconductors and smaller hard-disk drives.
Scientists open door to better solar cells, superconductors and hard-drives
( Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY ) Using DESY's bright research light sources, scientists have opened a new door to better solar cells, novel superconductors and smaller hard-drives. The research reported in the scientific journal Nature Communications this week enhances the understanding of the interface of two materials, where completely new properties can arise.
Twisted X-Rays Reveal Spin Waves
A novel radar trap for atoms allows glimpses of hitherto invisible details of the magnetic dynamics of materials. The concept proposed by DESY scientist Ralf Röhlsberger extends the scope of a method called inelastic X-ray spectroscopy.
Stuart Parkin awarded prestigious Millennium technology prize
British physicist wins award for breakthrough in magnetic disk drive storage capacity, heralding era of cloud computing Watford-born physicist Professor Stuart Parkin has scooped the 2014 Millennium technology prize worth 1m (£824,400) for a technological advance that has led to a phenomenal increase in the storage capacity of modern digital devices and heralded the era of cloud computing ...
Integrated system for THz materials characterization
Lake Shore’s new 8500 Series THz system is a fully integrated hardware/software platform for characterization of electronic, magnetic and chemical materials.
Microwaves reverse magnetization
New technique might be used to optimize hard drive writing times or help advance new MRAM device technologies
Harnessing skyrmions for electronics and spintronics applications
Skyrmions are 'whirls' in the magnetization of certain magnetic materials that show promise for future electronics and spintronics applications if they can be harnessed and manipulated. Naoto Nagaosa and colleagues from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, in collaboration with Masahito Mochizuki from Aoyama Gakuin University and other researchers, have discovered that skyrmions can be ...
Research and Development Trend Forecast of China Permanent Magnet Industry, 2013-2017
DUBLIN, April 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets  ( ) has announced the addition of the  "Research and Development Trend Forecast ...