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Title: Magnetic Materials
Description: Supplier and manufacturer of magnetic materials and products for home and industry use. Popular fridge magnets for home decoration and business promotion. Ferrite, alnico, ndfeb and smco magnets of powder, disk or block shape can also be found here.
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Future computers could be built from magnetic 'tornadoes'
File image. Magnetic materials form the basis of most hard disc drives as they are able to store data.
Magnetic materials could help build future computers
London, Oct 15 (IANS) Magnetic materials form the basis of most hard disc drives as they are able to store data. Now, a team from the University of Sheffield has proposed that they could also be used to perform calculations and so take on the role of a computer's central processing unit (CPU).
Soon, computers may be built from magnetic 'tornadoes'
A new study has revealed that magnetic 'tornadoes' may play a key role in building up computers in the future.
New discovery could pave the way for spin-based computing
Magnetic states at oxide interfaces controlled by electricity. Top image show magnetic state with -3 volts applied, and bottom image shows nonmagnetic state with 0 volts applied.
Nanoscale Structures Enable Magnetic Mirrors Without Metals
Potential impact could be a new class of chemical sensors, solar cells and other other optoelectronic devices
Technique for heat-assisted magnetic recording media promises improved writeability for next-generation hard drives
Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) is a new process that realizes the three goals of magnetic recording—readability, writeability and stability. A*STAR researchers have now succeeded in improving its writeability by employing a thermal design that permits a higher density recording1.
Synthesis of a new lean rare earth permanent magnetic compound superior to Nd2Fe14B
A research group led by Dr. Kazuhiro Hono at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Tsukuba, Japan, synthesized a new magnetic compound, which requires a lesser amount of rare earth element than the currently used neodymium iron boron compound. The ratio of neodymium, iron and nitrogen in the new compound, NdFe12N, is 1:12:1. Its neodymium concentration is 17% compared to 27% for ...
How magnetic dimers interact to create long-range order
Researchers carrying out experiments at the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Photon Source (APS) and Spallation Neutron Source have shed new light on how magnetic long-range order forms and remains stable despite the presence of disruptive quantum fluctuations. Since the material under study, SrCu2(BO3)2 (SCBO), bears important similarities to layered Cu-O compounds that exhibit high ...
New discovery could pave way for spin-based computing: Novel oxide-based magnetism follows electrical commands
Electricity and magnetism rule our digital world. Semiconductors process electrical information, while magnetic materials enable long-term data storage. A research team has now discovered a way to fuse these two distinct properties in a single material, paving the way for new ultrahigh density storage and computing architectures.
Extremely high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging
For the first time, researchers have succeeded to detect a single hydrogen atom using magnetic resonance imaging, which signifies a huge increase in the technology's spatial resolution. In the future, single-atom MRI could be used to shed new light on protein structures.